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Camera jib arm
Polecam is an ultra-portable jig arm that mounts on any tripod or body harness. Available with HD or SD cameras underwater and 3D heads.
Monitoring Solutions
Plura is a leading global manufacturer of a wide range of high-performance multi-function monitors (up to 84") including 4K and Timing/Synchronization solutions engineered for digital broadcast and professional video production.
The company's solutions include studio and portable video monitors, studio production timer, Time-code displays & Time-code PCIecards, test and measurement equipment and software, character/template-driven graphics generators, and digital signage systems.
High-end visual effects and editing systems
Quantel has been at the forefront of the use of digital technology as a creative tool for the last 30 years and it is now using its vast experience to create tools for the new digital age - covering everything from terrestrial and multi-channel television, to broadband internet, DVD and dcinema.
Audio products
Microphones, headphones, wired or wireless systems, guided tour systems.
Camera stabilising systems
Camera stabilising systems from hand held camcorders to broadcast and film cameras.
SONY delivers inter-operable solutions across the entire broadcast chain, from automation to multi-viewers, infrastructure and networking to test and measuring, graphics and channel branding to delivery and servers.
Fiber Optic Cables & Networks
Satellite uplink equipment
Gigasat /Gigawave Satellite Systems is a world leading manufacturer of mobile satellite communications. The company supplies compact quick to air satellite terminals for live transmission of video, data, Internet and voice content.
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